The Business Case

The Bioturbine has the potential to provide a substantial contribution to the renewable energy commitment which is now recognised as essential, both in developed and in developing countries. It will do this while offering investors in Bioturbine plant an excellent return on their investment and will allow users a reliable power and heat supply which is not dependent on wind, sun or batteries.

The high quality of exhaust heat from a gas turbine makes the Bioturbine ideal for CHP service. When in volume production, unit sizes of about 250kWe are expected to be produced at a cost which will allow units to be sold for as low as £1000-£1250/kWe.  Potentially suitable waste wood fuel will range in price from a small gate fee to about £20/te. Both in the UK and many countries in NW Europe, IRR values of 20 - 40% are realistic for high load factors when the power is sold “off grid” to local consumers. Suitable gensets exist for larger units with outputs of 1.5Mwe and 15Mwe.  Given a suitable genset, a unit size of about 100kWe can be developed.

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In many early installations, it is anticipated that the CHP genset unit, housed in a shipping container where appropriate, will be sited close to the fuel source, so that transportation costs and their environmental impact will be minimised. 

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